Transforming industry: Research Training done differently in innovative Centre for Future Crops 

May 2023

The Australian National University (ANU) is proud to announce the official launch of the ARC Training Centre for Future Crops Development. The Australian Research Council (ARC) Chief Executive Officer Ms Judi Zielke PSM launched the ARC Training Centre in Canberra this month. Led by the Australian National University and in partnership with the University of Adelaide, the Training Centre is a ground-breaking initiative that will train the next generation of research and industry leaders in socially responsible genetic and field technologies to build new capabilities for agriculture. “The Centre is proud to partner with research and industry leaders across government, peak bodies, commercial breeding companies, technology providers and international leaders in the field.” said Centre Director Barry Pogson, an expert in crop science and mentoring. 

“The ARC Training Centre for Future Crops Development represents a critical step forward in addressing the global challenges faced by the agricultural sector. By partnering with research, industry and government to undertake socially responsible research, we aim to sustainably enhance productivity and resilience in Australia’s major crops” said CEO Lauren DuFall. 

The Training Centre’s students and early career researchers will benefit from “training done differently” and drive research in key areas such as gene-editing technologies, crop and trait development, responsible innovation and synthetic biology. The Centre’s unique training including innovative mentoring and industry placements will equip them with the skills necessary to tackle the complex challenges of food security across a range of diverse future career pathways. “By establishing the ARC Training Centre for Future Crops Development, we are taking a significant stride towards shaping the future of agriculture,” said Deputy Director Stuart Roy.  

“Critically, the research includes focus on best practices in responsible research innovation, societal attitudes to new genetic technologies, the role of regulatory frameworks and approaches to market shaping,” said Program 2 Leader Rachel Ankeny. 

The ARC is investing $5 million over 5 years in the Training Centre for Future Crops Development, supported by $13.8 million in funding and in-kind support from its partners.  

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Lauren DuFall
Chief Executive Officer
The Australian National University
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