Carolin Plewa

Professor Carolin Plewa

Chief Investigator, ARC Training Centre for Future Crops Development

Interim Dean of Graduate Studies
Deputy Dean (Research) Faculty of the Professions
Professor of Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement, Adelaide Business School, University of Adelaide

Carolin Plewa

Areas of Research Interest –

Carolin’s research interests are in the areas of market shaping, customer and actor engagement, value co-creation and university-industry engagement.

Expertise & Skills –

Carolin specialises in the interaction and value co-creation across a myriad of organisations and individuals, with a particular emphasis on university-business collaboration, service and social contexts, as well as market shaping.
Carolin’s research in, and passion for, university-industry engagement has led to employment and advisory roles across higher education, industry and government.

5 Key Research Papers –

• Kleinaltenkamp, M., Conduit, J., Plewa, C., Karpen, I., Jaakkola, E. (2021) “Engagement-driven Institutionalization in Market Shaping: Synchronizing and Stabilizing Collective Engagement”, available online
• Lipnickas, G., Conduit, J., Plewa, C., Wilkie, D. (2020) “How much is enough? The role of effort in market shaping”, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 35(9), 1441-1451.
• Hawa, J., Baker, J., Plewa, C. (2020) “Composing Markets: A framework of intentionality in market-shaping”, Journal of Business Research, 121, 47-57.
• Galán Muros, V., Plewa, C., (2016) “What drives and inhibits university-business cooperation in Europe? A comprehensive assessment”, R&D Management, 46 (2), 369-382.
• Plewa, C., Korff, N., Johnson, C., Macpherson, G., Baaken, T., and Rampersad, G. (2013) “Evolution of University-Industry Linkages – A Framework”, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, 30 (1), 21-44.

Available Research Projects –

Market Shaping via Community and Industry Engagement.


The ARC Training Centre for Accelerated Future Crops Development is funded by the Australian Research Council under its Industrial Transformation Training Hubs Program to run from 2022 to 2027.

It is a collaboration of universities, government research agencies and the Australian grains sector’s key stakeholders in training, R&D, social engagement, responsible innovation, breeding, marketing and delivery.

It also has international partners in gene-editing, SynBio, crop breeding, and, other partnerships for co-developing deep technologies to transform the agriculture industry and global food security.